ISO certificate for Journies Travel and Tours


Journies Travel and Tours, one of the leading Qatari companies in the field of travel and tourism services in the State of Qatar, has obtained a Quality Certificate in Performance (ISO 9001-2015) from ( Independent Administration and Quality service company), which is involved in international quality certification processes. Mr Lijo joy, the Reservation Manager received the certificate on behalf of the company.

On this occasion, the company Vice Chairman, Eng. Jassim Mohammed Al-Shirawi, confirmed that the company has taken upon itself, since its inception, the responsibility to implement the highest quality standards, provide the best solutions and services within the highest international standards and best practices, as well as its commitment to improve the performance and level of services it provides to its customers.

Eng. Al-Shirawi confirmed in a press release, saying: “We congratulate our team for this achievement, which confirms the quality and efficiency of the performance reached by all company employees, which attributes to their efforts made over the past years by which the company has managed to establish itself as one of the most active travel and tourism companies, and it has come to occupy it. A prominent position and at the forefront of the leading companies operating in the travel and tourism industry in the State of Qatar, due to its continuous development in its services, and its provision of new services and innovative ways that keep pace with the development of the global tourism sector in order to benefit to our customers and improve our services.

It is noteworthy that Journies Travel and Tours is part of the Al Shirawi Group of companies, established in the year 2010, and a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which opened up vast prospects for cooperation with major air transport companies around the world, hotels, resorts and tour operators. The company acquired a practical experience in the field of tourism that exceeded a decade, which made it one of the reliable tourism companies with its activities and the various services it provides. The company provides its services to all companies, government and private entities and individuals in the State of Qatar, having a group of multilingual travel consultants working with it, who have long experience in the field of travel and tourism and organize all types of tourism trips, in addition to their close relationships and their distinguished regional and global network of contacts that enable them to meet the requirements of various clients and design distinguished tourism programs throughout the year.