Our Activities

Travel & Tourism

The travel, tourism and shipping sector, which includes airline, hotel and tour reservations.

Investing in securities

Investing in securities and buying stakes in existing companies operating in the field of services, trade and industry.

Real estate investment & development

Real estate investment and development, asset management and evaluation, and real estate brokerage services.

Car and bus rental

Car and bus rental activities, limousine services and transportation.
During the past two decades, the State of Qatar has made achievements that impressed the whole world at various levels, during which we witnessed the completion of giant expansion and development projects in the energy sector, infrastructure, and various economic, industrial, health and educational sectors, and the private sector had an important role in achieving these achievements, under the wise guidance of our wise leadership and its insightful vision, and its constant support for the private sector and its activities, which has created a partnership between it and the public sector to work together in advancing the wheel of growth, development and sustainable development in our beloved country, Qatar.
Mohamed Hamad Al-Shirawi
Chairman and CEO
The company has managed Since its establishment in 2010, to build a good reputation in the Qatari market through hard work and eagerness to achieve the satisfaction of its valued customers, and our investment in developing and training young competencies enabled us to build a qualified work team with experience in our field of activities, which brought us to the level of leadership in what we do.
Engineer / Jassim Mohamed Al-Shirawi
Vice Chairman of the Board

About Us

Al-Shirawi Group founded and developed itself from the reality of its being closely linked to this wonderful land, our beloved country, Qatar, with its land, valleys, pure, clean, charming beaches, and its originality.

So this company was established to create investment methods by investing in the service, industrial and commercial sectors in the State of Qatar and abroad.

Our Vision

For the group to be a pioneer in its business fields through the application of international standards and efficiency in achievement in order to achieve the aspirations of its customers and the surrounding environment in the State of Qatar and abroad, and the aspirations of the management in rewarding profitability and steady growth and creating a permanent added value for the Board of Directors through the development of the group.

Our Mission

Achieving a high level of business and services provided by the group using modern technologies, creative ideas, and professional skills in the completion of all its tasks and management according to the most efficient practices and international standards.

Our Goals

For the group to be an ideal role model to compete with global visions. and to create comprehensive solutions in various activities.

Our Values

Using the best behavioral standards in everything we do, including safety, openness, transparency, ambition, recruitment, training, and empowerment of talented people.