Chairman Biography


Eng. Jassim Al-Shirawi


Chairman Biography

He has more than 20 years of practical experience, during which he held positions on supervisory committees, boards of directors, and jobs in semi-governmental companies, especially in the energy, marine industry, and business sectors, during which he gained significant experience in the field of construction and major projects developments, and various marine industry sector activities and operations. In addition to, Projects management and evaluation, their restructuring, and investment portfolio management.

Al-Shirawi holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the United States of America, and a master’s degree from the United Kingdom. He also received the “ACAS Wales Award” for the best thesis for an MBA and a master’s in human resources management in 2007 at the state level of Wales, from his university for his distinguished research work. He also passed several diplomas and specialized courses in the field of Properties valuation, real estate investment, and asset management, in addition to specialized courses in the field of technical analysis of securities, CFT certification, and investment portfolio management.