Founder Biography


Mr. Mohamed Hamad Al-Shirawi

Founder Biography

A Qatari citizen, whom the state sent on a study mission to the United Kingdom (Britain) to study accounting, financial and administrative affairs, and obtained a master’s degree in financial analysis from the University of Kent in the city of Canterbury.

He headed to the private sector and founded “Al-Shirawi Group” in the year 2009 in the State of Qatar, driven by the spirit of leadership, and his thirst to contribute to new successes after his retirement from government work, with a professional career that lasted for more than 36 years in serving the State of Qatar in various positions, including 27 years with Qatar Petroleum.

Also held positions in several boards of directors and administrative and supervisory committees for various companies and institutions in the State of Qatar until the retirement date, including Occidental Petroleum Corporation in Qatar, Maersk Oil Qatar, Qatar Gas, Gulf International Drilling Company, Al Koot Insurance & Reinsurance Company, Fereej Real Estate, Qatar Airways, Industries Qatar, and the Gulf International Services QSC.

Additionally, chaired the Merger Committee for the two companies, Qatar Navigation and Qatar Shipping Company, and represented the country with foreign companies such as APICORP, SUMED and AMPTC in Kuwait.